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For the past ten years, our family has been actively involved in sports. From tennis, to soccer, to volleyball… sports have played an important role in our lives. Between our daughter, nieces, nephews and cousins, there was always a ball game to get to. If you are familiar with traveling to out of town tournaments, scrubbing the dirt off the court shoes, mending a ripped jersey at the last minute, lugging around coolers and backpacks filled with everything imaginable, I am sure you will agree that despite all the hard work and running around, there is nothing like the thrill of cheering for your kids at the big game! 

Many proud parents love to show off their pride by wearing customized fan apparel. For years we have purchased personalized t-shirts and fan gear customized with our daughter’s team logo, name and number but never found the right comfort, fit or style. They were all the same standard styles with mediocre quality and little to no comfort. But we all bought them because that’s what people could find and as they teach us when we’re kids… you get what you get and you don’t get upset.

One morning, our daughter, whose interests lie fashion design, came up with an idea.  Who says you can’t have fully customizable apparel and have the latest fashion trends? Why not give people variety? Why not introduce new line of trendy, comfortable and fully customizable clothing. Style it! Wear it! Flaunt it! Any way you want it!! And. with that, the idea of The Team Fit, LLC was born. 

For the better part of one year, we have concentrated on research and development. It’s not about printing a name, number and logo on a shirt. It’s about looking good and feeling good; and only the best quality will do!


Whether you are looking to keep it simple with a basic tee or spice it up with a cropped hoodie, The Team Fit, LLC has your team covered!

So, who's your team? Is it your company’s staff wanting promotional t-shirts for casual Friday’s in the office? Is it the family looking for matching hoodies for a vacation getaway? Maybe it's the proud parents wanting to support their son's soccer team. It can even be your furry friends at home who just want to get in on the family fun.


From our team to yours… The Team Fit, LLC has it all. 

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When you shop, you look for clothing that has a good feel to it. Something that is soft; yet strong. Comfortable; yet fashionable. Here at The Team Fit, you can get it all.

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